Hard Skateboard Tricks To Try

Because skateboarding is a subjective sport, this list may represent the most difficult tricks to do for one person but the simplest for another. That is the sport’s allure. Having saying that, these maneuvers are still exceedingly tough for a novice to master, so let’s break them down.

1. Laser Flip

The laser flip is perhaps the move on level ground that is the most difficult to land. It is a combination of a 360 shuv and a varial heelflip.

A 360 shuv occurs when you flick your back foot down and back, spinning the board 360 degrees in the air without doing any additional flips. A varial heelflip is a combination of a heelflip and a front shuv. Heelflips are performed by flicking the board forward and spinning it with your heel. A front shuv is when you use your rear foot to propel your skateboard forward, spinning it 180 degrees.

As you can see, this is a very technical technique, which makes it the most difficult on our list.

2. Hardflip

Due to the technical nature of the hardflip, it ranks second on our list of the most difficult tricks. This move is a mash-up of a frontside shuv with a kickflip.

To do a hardflip, position your front foot in the center of your board and diagonally pointed. This is the proper foot placement for a kickflip. Your rear foot should be positioned in the center of the tail, with the ball of your back foot pressing on the heel-side pocket of the tail, which corresponds to the front shuv’s foot placement.

The key to this move is to pop hard enough that your board goes vertical enough to do a kickflip with your front foot.

3. Backside Tailslide

The backside tailslide is a rail, ledge, or hubba trick, not a flatground technique. A rail is a flat bar or handrail that spans a set of steps; a ledge is a flat block on the ground with waxed edges; and hubbas are ledges that span a set of stairs.

To do a backside tailslide, you must first approach your obstacle from the rear. This is why it is referred to as the backside. Then you’re going to pop your board, gently turn your shoulders to 90 degrees, and slide your tail over the barrier.

This technique is exceedingly tough due to the fact that you are doing it blindfolded. Approaching an obstacle from the rear is challenging enough without adding a tailslide, which requires you to move your gaze away from the obstacle while still locking into a tailslide.

4. Tre Flip (360 Flip)

Tre flips, or 360-degree flips, are fourth on our list. This move combines a 360-degree back shuv and a kickflip. A 360 back shuv is similar to a 360 front shuv, except that you push back with your rear foot. A kickflip is when you place your foot in the center of your board and angle it diagonally so that when you slide your foot up to do an ollie, you may flick the board backwards.

The backfoot is the key to this maneuver. You should scoop as hard as possible while shifting your front foot slightly forward. This is a less technical trick than the others on our list, which is why it is ranked fourth.

5. Impossible

While the name may seem scary, this feat is not hard to do. The impossible is one of those techniques that places a premium on being on your backfoot. How it works is as follows.

The front foot is angled and positioned near the front bolts. Your rear foot is put in the pocket on the toe side. When doing an ollie, you will scoop the board with your back foot and drive forward, nearly vertically, spinning it 360 degrees. It is similar to the 360 shuv, except the board spins vertically rather than horizontally.

Honorable Mentions

The 900 is one of the most infamous and difficult skateboarding tricks ever landed.. In order to do this, a vertical ramp or “big air” ramp is required. It takes two and a half revolutions while in the air for the skater to land back on their board in order to complete a full 900 turn in the air. It is believed that Tony Hawk, competing in the 1999 X Games in San Francisco, California, was the first professional skateboarder to successfully do the feat in competition. The only skaters who have been able to recreate it since then are the most skilled and fearless of the lot.

Flipping a Gazelle

When Rodney Mullen pioneered the gazelle flip, also known as a bigspin 360 kickflip, he was only 18 years old. Performing gazelle flips is regarded to be one of the most difficult street tricks to learn, and it may take months or even years for even the most experienced skateboarders to become proficient at this trick. In order to do the gazelle flip, you must perform three maneuvers: a backside 360, a 360 flip, and a bigflip. In order to do a gazelle flip, one must perform three actions at the same time: one and a half rotations of the board, a kickflip, and a complete backside spin of the board.

Heelflip 720 (Helflip 720)

The heelflip 720 is yet another tough skating trick that didn’t quite make the cut for this list because to its difficulty. After making two full rotations, including a 720-degree turn, the skater then does a heel flip to complete the feat. One of the most difficult aspects of this move is pulling off a heelflip while doing the already frightening 720-degree rotation. To make matters even more difficult, skateboarding icon Tony Hawk has said that completing this move is nearly totally dependent on good fortune.

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