It is important that your skateboard trucks be both tight enough so that you can easily control the board and loose enough so that you can control the board easily. If you’re experiencing wheel bite, you may want to consider some solutions for resolving the problem, such as tightening your trucks. However, if you are not suffering wheel bite, it is likely that you will be able to loosen your trucks. When skating about, your trucks should be loose enough that you don’t have to tic-tac your way over obstacles.
Skateboard trucks may be adjusted to be either tight or loose, depending on the rider’s personal preferences. Accordingly, they should be tight enough to prevent kingpin disengagement but free enough to prevent the bushings from rupturing during operation. In addition, there isn’t a set of guidelines that must be followed.
For skaters who like to ride on the streets or in skateparks, you should tighten the screws to increase the amount of stability they give. Those who like cruising will want them to be somewhat loose so that they can turn more easily. When it comes to vertical skating, you’ll want them somewhere in the center.