The 5 Best Electric Skateboards For Commuting. Work, School, Travel…

In the 21st century, it’s bad enough to have to commute…

There are traffic jams, crowded subways and trains, stinky buses, and no room for your legs on planes.

Let’s be honest: everyone is still waiting for teleportation and jetliners that can fly faster than sound.

But until then, getting where we need to go will keep costing us time, energy, and money.

I realize that was a bad way to start an article, but let’s be honest…

How long do you spend getting to and from work?

CNBC says that the amount of time Americans spend commuting is growing every year.

As of 2018, the average American commutes for more than 50 minutes a day, or about 4.5 hours a week.

That’s nine whole days a year.

What if you could buy back that time?

What would you do if you had nine full days more each year?

But there are ways to avoid the commute, depending on your job, schedule, and how close you live to your destination.

One New Yorker was so sick of sitting in traffic all morning that he decided to paddle a kayak across the Hudson River to get to work.

One way to get away from the rush is to go kayaking.

But have you ever considered buying an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards are a fun and enjoyable way to get around in big cities and suburbs.

You can weave in and out of traffic and stop buying gas. You also help save the earth. Everyone wins. You can also take your board with you on the subway, bus, or car.

Electric skateboards are small, not too heavy, and easy to control.

Why wouldn’t you use it to get to work or school?

Safety Precautions

It might sound fun to ride an electric skateboard to work or school, but if you’re not careful, it can also be dangerous.

Here are some ways to keep yourself safe.

Wear Safety Gear

Helmets and elbow pads could save your life.

Already, it can hurt if you fall on your head while walking. Imagine falling off a board at 15 mph and hitting your head… (We’re talking serious brain damage or worse!)

Just like you have to wear a seatbelt in a car, you have to wear the right gear when you ride your e-board.

Watch For Pedestrians And Vehicles

This won’t be too much of a problem if you’re riding in a small town.

But you have to be extra careful when riding in a city. It is important to share the road and sidewalks.

You don’t have the right of way or can speed up just because you can weave in and out of traffic and people on the sidewalk.

If you hit a car or a person on foot, you could hurt both of them and get sued.

Just pay attention to what’s in front of you and be aware.


Avoid Rain And Snow

I know this is a bad tip because driving to work in the rain or snow usually causes more traffic and doubles the time it takes to get to work.

You can’t ride an electric skateboard in the snow, though. And it’s too dangerous to ride in the rain.

It’s very likely that you’ll slip, fall, and hurt yourself.

As a general rule, if the weather is bad enough that you wouldn’t ride a motorcycle, don’t ride an electric skateboard.

Best Electric Skateboards For Commuting…

Let’s find out the best boards you can take to work right away.

Evolve Carbon GTR

Retail Price: ($1,999 for street wheels) ($1,999 for all-terrain wheels) ($2,249 for both sets)

The slogan for the board is “Like a panther let loose.” And for good reason.

This board can get to almost any place.


  • All terrain wheels
  • Up to 31 mile range (street wheels only)
  • 26 mph top speed (street wheels only)

The Evovle Carbon GTR might be the best electric skateboard out there in terms of how well it works. And it should be, since the price starts at $2,000 in stores.

Even so, this thing is a monster.

With the all-terrain wheel set, you can ride this bike pretty much anywhere.

If you’ve ever been on an electric skateboard or a regular skateboard, you know that even the smallest bumps and cracks in the road or sidewalk can throw you off balance and ruin your ride.

But with the Evolve 7-inch pneumatic all-terrain wheels, you won’t have to worry about these things anymore.

The all-terrain wheels are good for getting around town, but they don’t perform as well as the street wheel set.

This is what the All-Terrain Carbon GTR offers:

  • Range – 19 Miles
  • Speed – 22 MPH
  • Hills – 25% Grade

The specs of the Street Carbon GTR are better:

  • Range – 31 Miles
  • Speed – 26 MPH
  • Hills – 30% Grade

So, if you pay $2,249 for the 2-in-1 set, you get the best of both worlds (or wheels in this case.)

Ownboard W2

Retail Price: Starts at $499 (upgraded battery at $599)

I like an electric longboard with a flexible deck because I’ve used one.

It makes the ride smoother, makes it easier to turn, and makes the whole commute better.

So, the Ownboard W2 is added to this list. It has a flexible fiberglass bamboo deck that is 38 inches long. You have a better overall stance because you have a wide base and room to put your feet.

Not only that, but this board also performs very well:

  • 28 mph top speed
  • 265 lb weight capacity
  • 30% hill climbing rate
  • 1300 watt motor
  • Up to 16 miles of range

But I think the price is the best thing about this board. This board would cost well over $1,000 from other brands.

But because this Chinese company makes great products, this board sells for $499 (with a standard battery) and $599 (with a bigger battery) (large battery).

With this board, you can easily get around in the city, on campus, up hills, or anywhere else you want.

Yes, it doesn’t go as far as the Carbon GTR, but it’s pretty close in all other ways and costs only a third as much.

This board is a steal in my book because it works well and doesn’t cost too much.

WowGo Mini

Retail Price: $379

The WowGo, which is also from China, makes a 28-inch deck that only weighs 15 pounds.

This is the board you need if you take the bus or train to get to work and then have to walk for a long time.

The board is so small and light that it will fit perfectly on your public transportation and won’t be hard to carry at all. Instead of walking when you get off the train, subway, or bus, use this baby on the streets!

It’s the best of both worlds.

It also does a lot of great things.

  • 23 mph top speed
  • Up to 19 mile range (costs more with extended battery)
  • 30% hill climbing rate
  • 330 lb max load
  • 500 watt motor

This thing is a monster for being on such a small board.

And the standard battery with a range of 12 miles costs $379 to sell in stores.

Here are some other choices:

  • $419 for 14 mile range battery
  • $559 for 19 mile range battery

It’s pretty amazing that these Chinese e-boards are so cheap and yet so good.

This is, without a doubt, the best mini electric skateboard you can buy today and one of the best boards for your daily commute.

Don’t forget that this board is small and has a stiff deck, so you may feel more bumps and cracks in the road.

It’s still easy to ride, but not nearly as good as a longboard with a flexible deck.

Boosted Plus

Retail Price: $1,399

The Boosted Plus has been around for a long time and is Casey Neistat’s favorite shoe.

Even though it has been updated many times, the board still works well for Boosted riders everywhere.

It gives:

  • 22 mph top speed
  • 14 mile range
  • 25% hill climbing rate
  • 2,000 watt motor
  • 4 ride/speed modes

Boosted is the most well-known company that makes electric skateboards. Even though they are expensive, they work well and are of the highest quality.

But what makes them different isn’t just how good they are.

Boosted also has an app that lets you track your rides, check your range and battery life, and update your board’s software.

It might seem silly to keep the software up to date, but it has a big effect. It improves the way your board works, like making the top speed faster and the battery last longer.

Why do I like this board for getting to work?

First, how easy it is to ride. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this thing is very easy to learn for both.

Number 2, its deck. A lot of riders love Boosted because the composite deck is so flexible, and they’re right to. Not only is it flexible, but it also has foam that reduces vibrations to help you ride on those cracked and uneven streets. You won’t have any trouble getting to work or school.

Meepo V3

Retail Price: Starts at $429

If you haven’t heard of Meepo yet, you will soon.

The Meepo V3, made by another Chinese company that makes cheap but high-quality e-boards, is lightning fast and tops the performance charts.

  • 28 mph top speed
  • Standard 11 mile range (or upgrade to ER batter for 20 miles +$200)
  • 30% hill climb rate
  • 2 x 540 watt motors
  • 300 lb max load
  • 38” deck – 16lbs net weight

Even better, it has a handle built into the deck that makes it easy to carry when you’re not riding it.

The deck is a good mix of stiff and flexible, so it can be handled well while still having a strong frame and base.

Overall, it’s another great electric skateboard at a great price. Riders everywhere are finding these Chinese boards to be a great deal, and they are giving big brands like Boosted and Evolve a run for their money.

Why Use an Electric Skateboard to Get to Work?

The top reason…

It’s a great deal of fun. When was the last time you could say that going to and from work was fun?

The worst part of the day for most people is getting to and from work.

You’re sick of being stuck in traffic, bored to death, and dreading the stack of papers on your desk. You don’t live in the here and now.

But when you ride an electric skateboard, you can focus on the road, feel the sun warm your skin, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the ride. You’re already in a good mood when you get to work.

And when you get home from work or school, you can’t wait to get back on your bike. This is how I felt every day when I rode my electric skateboard to and from school. It makes you look forward to something.

Enjoy every moment of your life, even the time you spend traveling.

It’s better for the environment, which is the second reason.

Global warming is real and getting worse all the time. Some scientists and world leaders even say we’ve reached a point where we can’t go back.

If you can help save the planet, then do it!

Now, not everyone can ride a skateboard to work every day, but if you work nearby or take public transportation as part of your commute, using an electric vehicle like an electric skateboard will help the environment and encourage others to do the same!

Is it dangerous to get to work on an electric skateboard?

Only you can make it dangerous.

Yes, there are dangers like other cars, people on the road, obstacles, and bad weather. However, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

If you don’t know where you are, slow down.

Even if you have the right of way, slow down if you don’t think that car is going to stop.

If you see kids playing, slow down.

It’s just a matter of common sense.

Everything in the world can be dangerous, but some hobbies and activities are more dangerous than others. But if you know a little bit about the subject and always keep an eye out, you will be 10 times less likely to be in danger…

Follow the safety rules at the beginning of this article, or check out our post on the best safety tips for electric skateboarding.

Helpful Hints for Your Daily Drive

Even though it might seem easy to ride your skateboard to work, you need to be ready for a few things.

First, make sure that your board has power.

You don’t want to be a quarter of the way to work when your board stops working because you forgot to charge it the night before.

Before and after riding your electric skateboard, you must check the battery level and range. If you don’t, you could get stuck somewhere.

When you get home, make it a habit to plug your board in to charge.

Second, keep your board in good shape.

That means cleaning the board, making sure the trunks and wheels are tight, and putting it away in the right place.

It doesn’t take much work, so you have no reason not to do it.

Parts that are broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged should be replaced or fixed.

Don’t wait around for bad things to happen! Avoid having it happen in the first place!

If you look after your board, it will look after you.

If you don’t take care of yourself, your board will try to get you.


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