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What is the price of a little trampoline?

Small trampolines are the least expensive trampolines, with prices typically ranging from $60 to $400. The pricing of the small trampolines you wish to purchase will vary depending on a number of criteria, which are explored in greater depth below. Tiny mid-range trampolines normally cost between $60 and $200, but small high-end trampolines often cost between $200 and $400.

They are generally utilized by parents who wish their children to engage in indoor rebounding under their supervision.

These elements determine the price of small trampolines:

  • Material quality used.

The majority of a tiny rectangular trampoline‘s price is determined by the materials used in its construction. These materials typically determine the durability and longevity of a product. The majority of trampoline frames are made of stainless steel, while their jumping mats are composed of fibers. Some trampolines feature UV resistance, which increases the price. Some small trampolines lack springs, while others feature them. Springless trampolines are more expensive than trampolines with springs.

  • Manufacturer of trampolines

Some brands, such as Jumpsports, Skywalker, etc., are more expensive than Amazon’s newest products. These brands are so well-liked among consumers due to their superior customer service. Because of this, clients have complete faith in them and are pleased to purchase little trampolines from them. Sometimes, freshly established businesses provide identical trampolines with same features at a reduced cost.

  • Design.

There are numerous small trampoline design variations. Some can be folded, whereas others cannot. Some have safety nets, while others have balancing bars for jumping. Small trampolines are inexpensive for children but pricey for adults. For instance, a 60-inch Skywalker mini trampoline with a safety net costs $219, while a foldable tiny Pelpo trampoline is $79.

  • Size.

Small trampolines range in size from 36 inches to 60 inches, and their prices vary proportionally. For instance, a 36-inch trampoline by Little Tikes costs $60, while a 60-inch trampoline by ORCC costs $127.

  • Nation of origin

A little trampoline’s price is also significantly affected by its country of origin. Locally fabricated trampolines are less expensive than imported trampolines.

Cost of Minor Trampoline Repair.

The trampoline and its components, such as the legs and matting, deteriorate over time. Most frequently, mats develop holes and must be mended. If the holes are in the center of the mat, it is not advisable to fix them. Then purchasing a new jumping mat is advised. Mat prices range from $25 to $100. Also, if there is a single hole in the mat, you will require a patch, which are quite inexpensive compared to full mats.


Small trampolines or micro trampolines are less expensive than rectangular trampolines. Their prices range from $60 and $400. Their prices are proportional to their characteristics, dimensions, and the materials used in their construction.

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